Factory 2nd Handmade Leather Dice Bags

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  • Dice not included :)
  • Bag color will be chosen at random.
  • Bag charms will be chosen at random (Dragon or Sword Charms)
  • Dragon fangs may be attached to some bags.
  • Bag will function 100% normally, as the small issues are only cosmetic.
  • Bags can be used as a dice tray if the cord is locked in the 2/3 position.

Slight Defects Can Include:

  • Scratches
  • Branding / Burn Marks
  • Slightly thinner or thicker leather than normal in some spots
  • Different inside leather texture, smoother or fuzzier than normal

These bags are made in house by our skilled dungeon masters. Careful attention was paid to every detail to try and make this leather dice bag, the best in class. Standing a staggering 4 inches tall, this puppy boasts a capacity of 4 sets (apx 30 dice). Open your nose and behold the wonders as this bag has the classic new cowhide leather smell. Set the cord lock most of the way and you can turn the bag into a dice tray. We hope you enjoy our personal handiwork.

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