Fluorite Gemstone Dice Set

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Disclaimer: These dice are made using handheld machines and may not be 100% balanced. Some numbers may be slightly off center. Please roll with care, as the dice could chip if rolled on a hard surface.  The colors in this set will include greens, blues, and purples.  The color or color combination per shape is random and may be different from the listed pictures.

7 Dice Set Includes Gift Box: 

  • 1-D4     (20mm)
  • 1-D6     (17mm)
  • 1-D8     (16mm)
  • 1-D10   (16mm)
  • 1-D%    (16mm)
  • 1-D12   (18mm)
  • 1-D20   (20mm)

Material: Natural Fluorite

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