Hemo-Goblin Handmade Sharp Edge Dice Set

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This set is a mixture of black & red filled with reflective pieces throughout.  The volume of reflective pieces is low in this set.

Material:  Resin

Note:  These dice are handmade, hand-polished, and hand-painted, but may not be 100% perfect.  They are very sharp.  Please handle with care.

7 Dice Set Includes: 1-D4 1-D6 1-D8 1-D10 1-D10 (00-90) 1-D12 1-D20

  • D4   - 17mm
  • D6   - 16mm
  • D8   - 16mm
  • D10 - 16mm
  • D%  - 16mm
  • D12 - 18mm
  • D20 - 20mm

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