Mound of Dice: Our Own Special Blend of a Pound of Dice

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Behold the DnD Dice - Mound of Dice! Our Own Special Blend of a Pound of Dice. All Dice are Brand New and Packed in House by our Own Team of Shipping Elves. You Will Be Able to Build 14 Mixed Sets of Dice, Have 1 Complete Set of Matching Dice, One Oversize D20, and Some Misc Extras. This mix is only available from DnD Dice. Each Mound Contains: 1 Full Set of Dice in a Randomly Chosen Color & Style 1 Oversize 34mm D20 in a Random Color 14 Dice of Each Shape (14d4)(14d6)(14d8)(14d10)(14d%)(14d12)(14d20) Composed of Randomly Chosen Assorted Colors Some Extra Random Goodies We Find Laying Around the Shop that You Might Like

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