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Behold the fabulous pound of Limited Edition Dice.  What could be better than a pound of dice. . . well, perhaps you might enjoy the fact that we swapped out our nice standard dice for super special dice.  

What does this mean?  The dice in this pound will be styles and colors randomly chosen from:  Out of production sets, Samples never produced, Pieces from broken sets that we currently sell or previously sold.

The Following is Included:

  • 14 Dice of Each Shape D4,D6,D8,D10,D%,D12,D20 in Random Assorted Colors.  (Equal Dice Per Shape for Mixed Set Making)
  • 1 Full Set of Limited Edition Dice
  • 1 - 34mm D20 in a Random Color
  • 1 - 30mm D6 in a Random Color

Everything in this Collection is Checked for Defects by our Staff

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