1 Pound of Defective Dice

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Our quality control is very strict and that means that we end up with a lot of dice that don't have a purpose in life. If your looking to fill up something like a treasure chest with dice, and it doesn't matter about aesthetics, then this is perfect for you. These dice come from all walks of life.

Note:  This is a 100% random assortment. You will NOT get an equal amount of dice per shape / size / color.

This pound of dice can include:

  • Oversize Dice
  • Oversize D20's
  • Basic Dice
  • Handmade Sharp Edge Dice
  • Mini Dice
  • Expensive Dice
  • Limited Edition Dice
  • Sample Dice
  • Liquid Core Dice
  • Custom Dice
  • Closeout purchases from other companies
  • Dice from other companies sent to us by mistake

Some defects are almost impossible to notice, and some are easy to spot.  They will include:  Scratches, Dents, Growths, Missing Paint, Squished Shapes, Custom Dice Mistakes, and Samples.  There could even be other defects we forgot to mention ^_^.  Rarely, some dice might have naughty words on them, so maybe a PG-13 warning.  As Uncle Roger says, "Sorry Children".

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