1 Pound of Defective Dice

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Our quality control is very strict and that means that we end up with a lot of dice that don't have a purpose in life. If your looking to fill up something like a treasure chest with dice, and it doesn't matter about aesthetics, then this is perfect for you. These dice come from all walks of life. This pound of dice can include 34mm d20's, mini dice, basic dice, expensive dice, custom dice, limited edition dice, and never produced sample dice. Some defects are almost impossible to notice, and some are easy to spot. They will include: Scratches, Dents, Growths, Missing paint, Squished Shapes, Custom Dice Mistakes and Samples, and maybe something else we forgot to mention. This is a random assortment. You will not get an equal amount of shapes / sizes / colors. 100% Random.

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