9th Level Fireball 14 Dice Set


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Rain down fiery death and destruction on your enemies with our exclusive fireball dice set!  We've included enough dice to cast the fearsome 9th level fireball which only the strongest wizards can conjure.  Each kit will include 14 fireball D6's (max level fireball) along with one of our signature lavish dice bags.

Note:  The inclusions are glass that will add some extra weight to these d6's.  While most inclusions are centered in the dice, some may not be.  We cannot guarantee perfect centering of all inclusions.

15 Piece Bundle Includes:

  • 14-D6     (16mm)
  • 1 Lavish Velvet Dice Bag (4x5 Inches)

Dice Material: Resin and Glass

Bag Materials: Velvet & Artificial Leather - Lining: Satin

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