Artificer's Arsenal 11 Dice Set


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Introducing Artificer's Arsenal:  A King of Crits ™ Brand Original Design.  

Hidden within the dark recesses of an ancient workshop, the relic lay waiting. Its intricate gears and arcane etchings hinted at a power that had been dormant for ages. The artificer’s hands trembled as he lifted the artifact, feeling the surge of magic and machinery intertwined. This was more than a forgotten trinket; it was a key to the secrets of the ancients. As the relic sparked to life, the air vibrated with the promise of forgotten knowledge.  Secrets of a lost age stirred, ready to be revealed.

This 11 dice set includes a Limited Edition Ceramic Poker Chip as it's 12th Piece.  Finished in our Original DND DICE / King of Crits ™ Gear Font ©2024.  All artwork created by DND DICE / King of Crits™ ©2024.

Special Features:

  • Exclusive Artificer Artwork on All Shapes.
  • Build your own artificer from the D6's.  6 different artificers to choose from or mix and match heads, arms, and bodies to build your favorite.
  • Custom logo on high face of D8, D10, and D12.
  • Hammer and Anvil logo on the 20 face of one of the two D20's.
  • Exclusive Gear Font

12 Piece Set Includes: 

  • 1-D4     (19mm)
  • 4-D6     (16mm)
  • 1-D8     (16mm)
  • 1-D10   (17mm)
  • 1-D%    (17mm)
  • 1-D12   (18mm)
  • 2-D20   (21mm)
  • 1-Poker Chip (Ceramic)

Material: Resin

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