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Style: Standard Set
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You Will be Awarded a Super Secret Mystery Set that will be Either:

  • A set that we used to sell, but don't sell anymore
  • A set that we currently sell
  • A set that hasn't been listed yet, or may never be listed.  

The Mystery Standard Set will have a retail value of up to $10 USD

The Mystery Premium Set will have a retail value from $10 USD to $15 USD

The Mystery Handmade Set will have a retail value from $40 USD +

Notes / Details: 

  • For orders with multiples, we'll try to make sure that each set is different
  • Sets will be Resin/Acrylic and might have inclusions
  • Set can include Limited Edition dice
  • Sets will not include Metal, Stone, Glass. 
  • Handmade Dice will only appear for purchases from the handmade listing.

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