Nebula Wisteria Dice Set (Glow)

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Note:  The mixture of colors in this set is random.  Each shape in each set can have a different shade and intensity of the colors shown, ranging from slightly clear to intense deep colors.  There may be a few tiny air bubbles present in some of the shapes.  It is unavoidable and a biproduct of the manufacturing process for this particular set of dice.

7 Dice Set Includes: 

  • 1-D4     (17mm)
  • 1-D6     (15mm)
  • 1-D8     (15mm)
  • 1-D10   (16mm)
  • 1-D%    (16mm)
  • 1-D12   (18mm)
  • 1-D20   (20mm)

Material: Resin

Origin: Made in Germany

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