Nightmare Dice Set


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Gods of the grave watch over the line between life and death. At 1st level, you gain the ability to occasionally sense the presence of the undead.

Note: This set has a skull in each shape but due to the random positioning of the skull, you may not be able to see the skull face in every die. Each die will be unique with regard to the skull/smoke/foil positioning. The density of the smoke is random per die, so you may see some shapes with different amounts of smoke.

Note: We are now selling a new version of this set that has gold flakes inside. The original version of this set did not have the flakes, so some of the review pictures will not have the gold flakes inside them. Just an FYI :)

7 Dice Set Includes: 

  • 1-D4     (21mm)
  • 1-D6     (16mm)
  • 1-D8     (16mm)
  • 1-D10   (17mm)
  • 1-D%    (17mm)
  • 1-D12   (18mm)
  • 1-D20   (22mm)

    Material: Resin

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