Plague Doctor 11 Dice Set


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Amidst the grip of the Black Death, silhouettes of beaked masks and cloaked figures emerged as symbols of both dread and hope. The plague doctors, practitioners of an early medical art, held countless lives in their hands.  Their legacy is etched into each facet, reminding us of a time when life and death were both decided by the toss of a die.    

A vampire voiced concerns about having a pale complexion. The plague doctor said, "I'm not that kind of doctor, but perhaps you could try some sun?"

This 11 dice set includes a Limited Edition Ceramic Poker Chip as it's 12th Piece.  Finished in our Original DND DICE Font ©2020.  All Plague Doctor artwork created by DND DICE ©2023.

Special Features:

  • Exclusive DND DICE Plague Doctor Artwork on All Shapes.
  • Plague Doctor logo on the 20 face of one of the two D20's.
  • Plague Doctor logo on the 1 face of D20's.
  • Exclusive DND DICE Font.

12 Piece Set Includes: 

  • 1-D4     (19mm)
  • 4-D6     (16mm)
  • 1-D8     (16mm)
  • 1-D10   (17mm)
  • 1-D%    (17mm)
  • 1-D12   (18mm)
  • 2-D20   (21mm)
  • 1-Poker Chip (Ceramic)

Material: Resin

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