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This limited edition pack contains a special DND DICE mix of exclusively premium dice, weighed to exactly 1LB.  There are only a small amount of these available.  The mix is 100% random, meaning that you will not receive an equal number of dice per shape, color, style or material.  Each pound will contain between 30-40 pieces depending on the material types of the dice.  Each die you receive will be from one of the following premium types of dice.  

  • Handmade Dice
  • Gemstone Dice
  • Liquid Core Dice
  • Hollow Metal Dice
  • Metal Dice
  • Wood Dice

This is a very expensive pound, as it contains only expensive dice.  Designed & Destined For Ballers, Whales, Bosses, Chiefs, El Jefe's, Dons, and Rich Eccentrics.

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