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Are you ready for that epic battle that is about to ensue in your campaign? Consider yourself ready for anything that comes your way with the Full Metal Packet. Locked and loaded with a full set of metal dice to pound the table with heavy uncompromising authority. Glow in the dark dice reporting for duty, in case your enemy takes out the lights in an effort to deter you. Your friends might need some help, so you also get 8 fully buildable sets of random dice. Those who act first, often get the spoils of war. How better to roll initiative than with an oversize D20. No campaign is complete without at least 1 goblin getting run through with the pointy end of a short sword. You can rest assured knowing that we've included an oversize D6 for those important damage rolls. If you need to roll for damage, make sure its in style! If it wasn't enough already, we are throwing in 1 more set of matching dice. Why? Why not :) How on earth will you transport this insane pile of awesomeness? Don't worry about that, as we've got you covered by including one of our battle tested Premium Velvet Dice Bags, in the Big Size!

Full Metal Packet Includes:

  • 1 Full Set of Metal Dice in a Randomly Chosen Color & Style
  • 1 Set of Glow in the Dark Dice in a Random Color
  • 1 Set of Dice in a Random Color & Style
  • 1 Oversize 34mm D20 in a Random Color
  • 1 Oversize 30mm D6 in a Random Color
  • 8 Dice of Each Shape (8d4)(8d6)(8d8)(8d10)(8d%)(8d12)(8d20) Composed of Randomly Chosen Assorted Colors
  • 2 (4x5 inch) Premium Velvet Dice Bags (Random Satin Colors)
  • Some Extra Random Goodies We Find Laying Around the Shop

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